New update

Hi everybody. My energy level is very low, but for those of you who are not on Facebook, I wanted to share a quick update. The results of the biopsy were not good. It’s a nasty one. Next week, after Easter, treatments will start to try to slow the tumour down. I’ll have 30 treatments of radiation and chemo together in the following 6 weeks. Then one month nothing. After that month chemo for six months.

I REALLY miss writing about our guys VERY MUCH, but my energy level is pretty low. But miracles do happen and I trust the Love, so who knows when I’ll be back! Fingers crossed!

I refuse to see this tumour as my enemy. I ┬áreally believe love can transform anything. So this is an amazing journey. You can read all about it on the special event page on Facebook. Not sure, but I don’t think you need an account to read it.

But whatever you do, don’t turn this into a battle on my account. Trust the Love. I do.

Bye for now,


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