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118 50th Anniversary day

My dear Syl, love of my life. Today was supposed to be a day of joy and laughter. A big day, celebrating your fiftieth birthday. “What’s in a number?”, one might say. Even you could have said that. But in this case you didn’t. You wanted to celebrate. Big time. With as many people you […]

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117 Remembrance Day

Today was a day of rememberance. Looking back at Syl’s life, remembering the part we shared with hers. It was an emotional day, but foremost it was a beautiful day. Even the sun came out of it’s hiding, shining at it’s fullest! Thank you very much for being there, sharing this beautiful moment with me and […]

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116 15/03/1964-22/12/2013

Today at 14:20 hrs local time, my dear wife and soulmate Syl has passed away peacefully in the presence of her close family in her own home. 15/03/1964 – 22/12/2013 Syl was an inspiration to many people, not in the least for me and I thank her with all my heart for the infinite love she […]

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