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117 Remembrance Day

Written By: Peter - Dec• 29•13
Today was a day of rememberance. Looking back at Syl’s┬álife, remembering the part we shared with hers. It was an emotional day, but foremost it was a beautiful day. Even the sun came out of it’s hiding, shining at it’s fullest!
Thank you very much for being there, sharing this beautiful moment with me and Syl’s family. I feel honored for such a great attendance; despite the busy time of year.
Thank you for your kind words afterwords; I’ll take them with me in my heart. I take you with me in my heart.
Time to have some rest now; the new year is arriving soon. A year I hope to decide how I will take care of Syl’s legacy: her books, websites, products but foremost her ideas. I wish you all well and hope to stay in contact. Love, Peter

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  1. Lure007 says:

    Dear Peter,

    Once again, thank you for keeping us informed.

    Your words paint a beautiful picture, just like Syl’s did.

    Being fluent in four languages, I find myself – not for the first time – wishing Dutch was one of them. Should you someday decide to publish Syl’s books/work in English, know that I will be one of the persons most profoundly grateful for the possibility of owning a manifestation of Syl’s incredible and loving legacy.

    You take good care of yourself now, and rest up.

    Do stay in touch.

    Rids. x

  2. Sandra Platt says:

    Dear Peter

    I echo the words of the person above – and if Syl’s works are to be published in the English language, do please let me know. I will never forget her or those early days when I took my first tentative steps along with Syl and several others at Longbourn Lounge in trying our hand at writing scenes inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. Our dear MrsR was a very popular member of the team and her stories were enjoyed by many, bringing insight and new perspectives to one of the best loved stories and thereby enhancing future readings of it.

    She will be greatly missed by all who knew her, I am sure.

    With love and best wishes to you and your family.

    Sandra and Julian Platt xx

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