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114 I want my wife back!

Things are reasonably steady. In the morning Syl is washed by someone from home care (I assist her) and in the afternoon and evening someone from home care comes by to do things that need to be done (cleaning e.g.). The washing part is painful, so I give Syl a little bit of morphine one […]

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113 Good news

Time for some good news! Moving down to the living room with an adjustible bed and three times a day help from home care is having positive results on Syl’s wellbeing (and mine as well).¬† The last few days she is feeling much better because she has much more rest now (she does not have […]

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112 Long update

Wednesday November 6th we had an appointment with a homeopath to see what she could do. We had a very good discussion and she promised to do her best to make a difference (she hoped she could help Syl’s body to stop or slow down the tumour growth), but she also could not promise more […]

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111 Open Home

Time for a little update, which I will be writing, since Syl is feeling too tired to do it herself. And she loves to save her energy so she can keep doing things that make her happy. Like yesterday: we went to an Open Home day at my work in Vlaardingen. Syl had not yet […]

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111 Open dag

Tijd voor een korte update, die ik zal schrijven, omdat Syl te moe is om het zelf te doen. En ze wil liever haar energie sparen zodat ze dingen kan blijven doen waar ze blij van wordt. Zoals gisteren: we zijn naar een open dag geweest op mijn werk in¬†Vlaardingen. Syl had nog niet gezien […]

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