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Written By: SYL - Aug• 15•13

Blood much better. Numbers are up, anyway. Not enough for a new round of chemo though. Doctors will be discussing what the next step will be coming monday. But chances are that I need to have another MRI scan first, to see if there are any changes. Last week, the platelets were around 60, now 95. They should be at least 100 according to protocol, so that’s what the doctors will be discussing. But I believe it’s a huge step up the ladder and that gives me also the feeling that we just need some time and rest right now. Am still very tired very quickly. I rest a lot and believe my body profits from that. Tucked away in my Peace Bubbel. Counting my blessings xxx


But at least my body is recovering. Am happy and thankful. Thank you for your sympathy xxx

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  1. philly says:

    15th of August – my daughter’s birthday!

    So I do hope it was a good day for you, too!

    ♥you and am thinking of you!

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