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94 Lazy Days Part II

Written By: SYL - Aug• 19•13

Just had news from the doctors’ meeting and it’s exactly what we hoped for: a break. No chemo and no blood tests for the next couple of weeks!!!


It doesn’t mean they or we give up or that there’s no hope. My body just need a break to recover from the heavy treatmeants I’ve had. The most important and effective treatmeants are done. A scan in the middle of september will have to show if it did something constuctive and where we go from there. But for now we’re very grateful for the coming break. Fingers crossed my energy level will go up! So much I want to do. This is a good day. Thanks for walking this road with me xxx

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  1. Lurelei says:

    Dear Syl,

    Was searching the internet for something else and came across this… [] it’s something completely different alright 😉
    It goes without saying that Oatmeal’s apology is mine as well, the intention is to lift your spirits…
    Anyways, hope you enjoy your lazy days!

    Thinking of you,


  2. Syl says:

    Hey you

    Just wanted to let you know that you’re not responsible for liftiing my spirits, so no reason to appolize. That golfball in my head is annoying but no reason to treat me differently. I’m still here dealing with the lack of energy and the pain. Counting my blessings instead of all the challanges thrown my way. It works for me.

  3. Lurelei says:

    Two months have passed.
    Just read the latest news.
    A thousand thoughts.
    But no words.

    Still thinking of you.

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