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105 Perfect timing

Written By: SYL - Sep• 24•13

My dear friend Denise showed once again perfect timing…Peter was just visiting the pharmacy, when she showed up at the door. I felt a bit more insecure after all those epileptic seizures than expected, so I was extra happy with her company. AND the beautiful bunch of flowers.


xxx thanks again, dear.

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  1. Lurelei says:

    Dear Syl,

    Just read the latest update on your facebook account. I’m not ‘on there’, so I’ll comment over here.

    It makes me sad to see all the things you and your loved ones are going through, but it comforts me to see that you’re going through all of this together, surrounded by so much love.

    In this corner of the world, it’s a sunny day today – I hope the rays of sunshine reach you as well.

    Thinking of you,

  2. philly says:

    Dearest Syl, Lurelei told me about the recent events.
    I am happy for you that you have fellow combatants …a ton on love for you, lovely!
    You are in our thoughts and hearts!

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