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112 Long update

Written By: Peter - Nov• 18•13

Wednesday November 6th we had an appointment with a homeopath to see what she could do. We had a very good discussion and she promised to do her best to make a difference (she hoped she could help Syl’s body to stop or slow down the tumour growth), but she also could not promise more than that. Really great person!

Sunday the 10th, we had an appointment to see Peter and Willy, but I could not manage to get Syl into my car, so we called them and they came to us instead of the original plan that we would come to them. It was really great to see them again!

Tuesday the 12th we had a visit from Ineke. It was also great to see her again! Even Fadyen recognized her, although he was still a puppy the last time he had seen her.

Thursday the 14th, we had invited Corrine for lunch at Van der Valk, so my line manager could finally meet my courageous wife and Syl could see the person who made it possible for me to take care of her while doing my work. That morning I could not get Syl dressed because of severe pains in her right leg, so I asked Corrine to visit us at home instead. She did, and it was great meeting her and her gorgeous newborn daughter Chloé. She even brought a home baked lemon cheese cake, which tastes delicious, I might add…

That afternoon the pain in Syl’s leg returned so strongly I decided to call for our doctor to visit us, which he did. The pain was terrible and his conclusion was that the cancer has most likely spread to her lower spine (Syl already had pain in her lower back for a longer time, but that was not unusual. But these new types of pain are very typical for this type of cancer). So she now has painkillers in the form of liquid morphine (low dosage).

At the same time the doctor arrived, we had an intake meeting with someone from the home care, who could immediately start helping. We discussed all kind of options and decided for a special special bed to be set up in the living room, and that’s where Syl is sleeping since last Friday and I am sleeping there as well.

Our holiday trip could not happen of course, so we decided that we can still be together as a family at our house, so last Sunday Syl’s parents, brother and sister in law came over for a nice get together and Syl’s parents will be stopping by every day the coming week, to help me get some extra sleep, to spend time with Syl, to cook for us and maybe even play some games. It’s great that everybody is so flexible to adapt to changed circumstances!

We have someone from home care coming over three times a day, helping with washing and cleaning Syl (because she can’t get out of bed anymore). Syl sleeps a lot, and when she is awake, she is sometimes confused, but regularly having a clear mind. She is not having much pain, and if she does, she had pain killers that help very well. She is still enjoying the company and her appetite is still very good and she enjoys what she is eating.

I read all her messages to her she receives on Facebook, WhatsApp, email and cards and if she want, I respond for her. But this is done very irregularly, so don’t despair if you don’t see a ‘Like’ or response. It will follow later, or maybe even not so, because of lack of energy. But we DO appreciate all your support!

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