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Written By: Peter - Nov• 22•13

Time for some good news!

Moving down to the living room with an adjustible bed and three times a day help from home care is having positive results on Syl’s wellbeing (and mine as well).¬† The last few days she is feeling much better because she has much more rest now (she does not have to get out of bed anymore) resulting in feeling very at ease and a much clearer mind! It’s great to be able to tell you some good news after last week!

The people from home care are not just very capable, but also very sweet to her (and me), so we are very thankful for that!

The last few days Syl received again some beautiful gifts, for which she (and I) wants to thank you for:¬†Thanks to Anne for the beautiful meditation card and mini Pooh, thank you to my colleagues for the beautiful flowers, thanks to Ruth and Marian for the lovely book with quotes about LOVE, thanks to Ellen and Steve for the delicious Davidoff Cool Water and thanks to Denise and Willy for the delicious chocolates and beautiful flowers! And of course thanks to all for the lovely messages and love you are sending us! It’s overwhelming! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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