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04 Nice surprise

Written By: SYL - Jan• 31•13

Early this morning I returned to my hospital bed. My ‘room mates’ were happy to see me and I surrendered to this change of scenery. Sure, I’d rather be home, but this wasn’t hell. The staff and my fellow patients were very nice. I’d be fine. I understood why they wanted me close by (if some appointment would cancel, I could fill that gap and have the ordered scans as soon as possible) and just waited. But nothing happened.

When the doctor walked in, her whole face was telling… she had some good news. She was almost as happy giving it as I was receiving it… I could go home for the night again! She clearly wanted to make this process as comfortable as possible for me and she understood I could fully recharge in the presence of Peter and Fadyen. Home. Getting ready for a series of scans and the possible outcome: more tumors in other parts of my body…

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