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47 Battling or Embracing?

Written By: SYL - Apr• 28•13

Battling cancer or embracing life? Yeah, I’m really asking. Just let the question sink in for a moment, knowing there’s no right or wrong answer. What makes YOU feel powerful?


Changes are that fighting appeals to you, because it feels energizing. Battle can have that effect, so it’s good to find out if it works for you. Obviously that doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried it when my body no longer accepted/recognized my thyroid (about 14 years ago) and I was faced with this internal war. It sucked the energy right out of me. Fighting is just not working for me. It might work for you. Just explore and find out. There’s no wrong or right way. There’s a way that works for me and there’s a way that works for you. One isn’t better or worse than the other. What works for YOU. That’s key.

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