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06 Peace and love

Written By: SYL - Feb• 02•13

We had several requests from friends wanting to visit, but we decided to keep the weekend as low key as possible. All the emotions had drained us and this was just the first phase. This coming week we expect a call from the Westeinde hospital in The Hague to discuss further treatment and we needed all strength to deal with that. So we ‘went into hiding’ in our own home, enjoying each other and all the love and support surrounding us.

Beautiful flowers, many cards and expressions of sympathy online. It really helps. I feel lifted by a great energy field and it allows me to lean back and take this adventure as it comes. There’s no struggle, there really isn’t. I feel at peace. My dysfunctional thyroid never got the best of me and this tumor won’t either.

I do feel insecure about what happened. Mostly because I ‘lost’ a lot of the pieces. That’s why I started this blog. To piece it all together. For me. To get some grip on a road trip that’s completely beyond my control.

Thank you for walking along with me. I love your company.

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