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….On the road with a brain tumor

01 WTF?

Written By: SYL - Jan• 28•13

I remember going to bed. The weekend had been great but busy – giving life coaching consultations at a fair – and I felt extremely content and tired. I remember Peter joining me. I remember Fadyen, our dog, jumping on the bed. The next thing I remember is waking up in an ambulance.

The information is both scary and unreal. I had an epileptic seizure. A what? But even more important…where is Peter?
The paramedic assured me that Peter is following us in his own car. I remember feeling a lot better when I see his face. We’re at the ER by then.  He looks so worried and his memory is hellish. During the seizure I bit my lip and he woke up seeing my body shaking uncontrollably and blowing bubbles of blood. What’s going on? That turns out to be the question of that day…

I don’t remember getting the cat scan, but I know I had one, because they told us ‘there was something on there’. Something that shouldn’t be there, obviously. To determine what it is – an infection or tumor were the two options at hand – I needed a mri scan and I was admitted to hospital.


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