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74 Opportunity knocks…

Written By: SYL - May• 27•13

Combining what needed to be done (hospital visit for another blood test) and what we wanted to do: having lunch in Scheveningen. Lunch was great and so was the result of the blood test. My body is still producing important building blocks and finding a balance. So yeah, we’re very happy about that.


Yesterday was an off day. My face was rubbed into all the stuff I can’t do right now and I allowed myself to feel sad and angry about it. Just done with this process. Done with the headaches. Done with feeling tired. Just done.

It took me a few hours to return to inner peace, but today there’s no battle, no struggle. Back in the flow. Happy with how my body is restoring itself. This too will pass. So another deep breath and I’ll just keep swimming. xxxx

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